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The Mainz Academy of Arts (Kunsthochschule Mainz) at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz is the only institution of its kind in the State of Rhineland-Palatine (Rheinland-Pfalz). Historically going back until 1757, the year of its foundation, the art academy of Mainz is one of the oldest in the German speaking regions of Europe. The Kunsthochschule Mainz offers degrees in Art Education (BA of Education) and Fine Arts (diploma). Students of Fine Arts and Art Education have to join and are taught in a class community side by side. This demand lies in the tradition of the art academy and its understanding of its specific role and practice of education.

Teaching and studying visual art at the Kunsthochschule Mainz can be divided into three categories:

- The individual promotion and advancement of artistic talent is the main responsibility of an professor of art. A professor can be assisted in particular by other lecturers, especially contract lecturers for special fields and artistic staff. Each professor of art leads an own class. Mainz offers various classes of painting, sculpture, new media,drawing, photography and film. As with all creative subjetcs, art students should be self-motivated and show a high willingness of initiative. They should regard themselves as independent learners developping a single attitude and mode of expression. Therefore art classes and their professors do not subscribe to a single form or method of teaching. The students are focussed on individual practice and learn to be self-responsible and self-contained. They are given the opportunity to work in their class studios the whole day until night and all over the week.

- A spectrum of practical courses is also offered for the professional fields. The art-technical teaching relates to how artistic ideas and intentions can be realised and implemented, to how studies operate and to what happens in the art workshop. In Mainz there are workshops in painting techniques, wood and metal sculpture, printmaking, brass and metal casting, photography, film, video and electronic media. In addition to these fields special art courses are offered, such as nude drawing.
The opening time of the workshops is on average six hours a day (Monday to Friday).

- In the case of teaching aesthetic knowledge and contemporary art the Academy of Fine Arts Mainz has an academic professor and teaching staff. As the Kunsthochschule also qualifies for a grammar school teaching degree there is an academic professor and teaching staff in art education.

Courses in art history are offered especially by the Institute of Art History. Students interested in other subjects should have a look at the wide range of subjects to study at the Johannes Gutenberg University Departments on the main campus (www.uni-mainz.de/eng). These courses all have the specific university modes of teaching (lecturers, exercises and seminars), while the artistic and art-technical teaching is largely offered in quite different forms (one-to-one tutorial and correction sessions, project work, colloquia/seminar).

Studying fine and visual art in Mainz starts with an orientation or foundation phase (two semesters in the Basic Class) and ends with an examination and an academic degree called “Diplom” (in total 8/9 semesters). Study achievements can be converted to ECTS points (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). The requirements a student has to fulfil in his final examinations concentrate primarily on a graded presentation of his artwork. It is connected with an oral examination. In addition to this degree a student can stay two semesters longer as a post-graduate student for awarding the title Meisterschüler (Master Pupil). (Students for art education degree have to absolve a different examination).

In case of studying fine and visual art there are obligations in Art History and other subjects. They are less extensive than the requirements in making art in the studio space. In Art History there is one introductory and one advanced seminar. In addition to these seminars students need to take two courses (within the first 4 semesters) and three more courses (5th to 8th semester) with different subjects. In total he has seven theoretical subjects (two from them in Art History). Each course goes on for one semester (two hours a week).
All courses are listed in the university course catalogue (www.jogustine.uni-mainz.de). For further information look at the course descripitions of the theoretical staff of the Academy of Fine Arts:

In addition to the regular courses the academy offers special talks by guest lecturers. In winter semester 2009/10 for example young artists exchange their experiences about the “long and winding road” of their professional career.

Lectures and courses are held in German language.

German language courses for foreign students are offered by the Johannes Gutenberg-University. Please contact the International Office. (www.uni-mainz.de/eng)

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