Helios flying Studio,

Helios flying Studio,

Secret Screening,
Filmklasse Mainz

Over the next three months Filmklasse Mainz will host a series of screenings in it’s new mobile cinema HELIOS (flying studio). Taking it’s name from the moving-image pioneer Eadweard Muybridge’s mobile photo unit Helios (Flying Studio) the temporary cinemas will examine some of the more radical strategies from the early days of film-projection. Each location will bring its own set of possibilities & limitations and the films projected are a direct response to them.

The series is an attempt to create a discussion about a free cinema that emerges out of a desire to make some of our private viewing habits public. At a time when public space is rapidly becoming private property & the collective attention is dissolving into the monetized distraction of streaming content in solitude, the digital age actually offers new mobility and a prospect of shared projections.

For more info or to receive material concerning the different screenings and location
Contact: filmklasse@uni-mainz.de

All screenings are open, for free and solely educational.



24.07, 21:30 Uhr
THAI STYLE, Schusterstraße 58

24.07, 23:30 Uhr
CONACTION, Große Bleiche 25

24.08, 21:00 Uhr
MOMBACH HIGHLINE, Unter der Autobahn Mombacherstrasse 72

25.08 15:00 Uhr
UNITED FURNITURE, Boelckestraße 60

25.09 19:00 Uhr
TEPPICH GALERIE SASCHA , Am Kronbergerhof 4b

26.09 Uhr
RUNNING SUSHI, Address & Time T.b.a.


16.10, all day


Helios flying Studio

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Helios flying Studio

Filmklasse Mainz
Alice Glagau, Danijel Sijakovic, Eleni Wittbrodt, Emil Wudtke, Hanna Malinka, John Skoog, Kara Hondong, Laslo Chenchenna, Laurenz Lin Sill, Nils Hillebrand, Marcin Wierzchowski, Robin Stretz, Simone Eisele, Sonia Knop, Sophie Meurer , Yun Heo

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